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Date: 2007-06-27 17:10:57

I am sure at least half of you will be "too busy" and too indifferent to even care about this email... but I will try nevertheless.

As many of you have heard, there is currently a bill in Congress for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.  Of course, we've all been here before and I'm sure many of you are quite cynical about this.  But this year, we have more support than ever.  This year could be the year.  Be as cynical as you want but if your cynicism translates into inaction and indifference then you are no better than all those who oppose this legislation.

Every year, hundreds of individuals call and write to their member's of Congress in support of the Armenian Genocide resolution (whichever one happens to be in Congress that year).  These letters and phone calls, along with our on ground lobbying efforts in DC (and some wonderful Armenian staffers on Capitol Hill), we have been able to gain the support of a 31 Senators and 231 Congressmen/women. 

Today, there will be a concentrated effort to inundate the offices of our reps with phone calls.  The idea is that, although phone calls year round our important (consistent pressure), several thousand phone calls in one day is bound to make a big impression. 

The ANCA has made it easy on you.  Go to - punch in your zip code and viola!  talking points etc.

So make the call.  It will take two minutes.  Half the time you get a staffer and leave a message - no dialogue necessary - don't worry if you're not fully briefed on the history of Armenians since the beginning of time.  Just call, express your support and hang up.  2 minutes tops! 

As cynical and "jaded" as you may be, you must admit that there's no harm in trying.  The worst you'll do is waste two minutes of your day... 1/100th of the amount of time half of you will spend on MySpace... youTube... Facebook... today.  The potential harm is zip and the potential gain is enormous. 

Remember, if we don't do it this year... we have to start all over again next year.  So pick up your phone and call.  Don't be the apathetic generation.

(FORWARD THIS OUT - you know what I'm gonna say here don't you? yep... exactly.... if you can forward out a joke, you can forward this out as well.  Trust me, i get the same joke from 8 of you in the same day because you all insist on
reforwarding.  so just do it.)

- Webmaster, ACCFresno.Org

Make the call today!

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