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Armenian Community Center N Street Exterior (2007)

From the first Armenian settlers in 1881, Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley has been home to one of the most vibrant and active Armenian communities in the world.  Spanning over several generations, Armenians have come and gone, but nearly most return.  Perhaps it's the history of the area and of the people that made this community into what it is today.  Or, perhaps it's the community today, the community that strives to preserve and present the Armenian culture as it was taught to them by their forefathers in a not so distant land called Armenia.

It might not be the newest building in downtown Fresno, but just wait...

The next time you're in the downtown Fresno area, take a stroll on down to the Armenian Community Center located on the corner of Ventura Ave. & "N' Street and take a step inside.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Take a walk through our recently remodelled large and spacious banquet hall that seats up to 360 people.  Notice the ambient lighting, performance stage with marble backsplash, large-screen projection system, full audio and microphone setup, and the entrance to the center's full-service restaurant. 

Go ahead and step in...

Step into the recently remodelled restaurant and dining hall at the Armenian Community Center.  Notice the granite food counter and event bar, fresh linens on restuarant style tables, and 42" flat screen satellite T.V. featuring the latest sports and Armenian, Greek, and Middle Eastern programming.  Then, step up to the counter and order your made-to-order snack or meal and enjoy!

The name says it all...

The Yeraz Armenian Restaurant at the Armenian Community Center is a full-service family style restaurant that  features traditional Armenian, Greek, and Middle Easter dishes, as well as, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Fries, and other various side dishes.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and available for banquets and catering, Yeraz Armenian Restuarant is the spot to be in Fresno's Old Armenian Town.

A center with history...

While our location has changed from it's original location on Ventura between L and M Streets, the Armenian Community Center has been the gathering spot for Armenians from all around the world for over 100 years.  At its original location since 1908, where the Radisson Hotel of Fresno currently resides today, the Armenian Community Center housed the first printing offices of the Asbarez Armenian Daily Newspaper - one of the largest Armenian news publications today.   While it was a weekly paper then, the Asbarez flourished in Fresno for several decades until all operations were moved to Los Angeles in the late 1970's.

William Saroyan, another frequent visitor of the old Armenian Community Center wrote about the center in his 1951 novel, Rock Wagram where he has the movie actor/hero pay a sentimental visit to ?The Asbarez Building? in search of the natural warmth of his childhood.

The center today...

Amidst a vast and costly downtown redevelopment project called the "Old Armenian Town" project, the Armenian Community Center is on its way to a new location and a new facility.  While the details are not public yet, let us tell you that it only gets better.

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